Quick and precise analysis systems for your applications

OXITEC® O2 Analyzers

Fast and precise in situ O2 measurements with
robust OXITEC® analyzers

COMTEC® O2 / COe Analyzers

Combustion optimization with InSitu
O2 / COe analysis

AQUATEC® O2 / H2O Analyzers

Optimize drying processes with precise
O2 / H2O measurement

CEMTEC® Gas Sampling System

Continuous process control In high temperature, high dust cement kiln inlets

ENSITU® 7000 O2-Transmitter Probe

ENSITU® 7000, a budget friendly O2 transmitter probe, made by ENOTEC.

GSF Gas Sampling Probe

Versatile sample probe for CEMS and process

THERMOTEC® Thermocouple

High temperature thermocouple up to 1400 °C

Systems Engineering

System integration solutions using ENOTEC analyzers in combination with any major OEM


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