COMTEC® O2 / COe Analyzers

Combustion optimization with in-situ O2 / COe measurement

COe refers to the sum of unburned molecules - carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (CxHy) and hydrogen (H2). Unburned molecules and oxygen molecules need to be measured in order to analyze the quality of combustion.

High COe values are an indicator for inefficient, climate harmful and plant hostile process control. From a safety point of view, monitoring the COe values can also be used for recognition of smouldering fires.

COMTEC® 6000

The COMTEC® 6000 is an InSitu analyzer for measurement of oxygen and COe in flue and process gases for redundant measurement in real time. This is achieved by combining the MXP sensor for COe analysis with the technology of MLT sensor which measures oxygen content. The COMTEC® 6000 ensures combustion optimisation by enabling the operator to fine tune his combustion process.


COMTEC® 6000 GasEx

COMTEC® 6000 GasEx combines both the O2 and COe sensors in a robust ATEX certified InSitu  analyzer with fast reaction to process changes for safe measurements of oxygen and COe in refineries or for similar applications with explosion hazards (Gas Ex zones 1/2).

COMTEC 600 GasEx

COMTEC® 6000 DustEx

The COMTEC® 6000 DustEx  is a highly robust analyzer for InSitu O2 / COe measurement, able to endure process gases with abrasive high dust loads and is ATEX certifiied for zones (21/22  II 2D Ex tD A21 IP6X T133°C/T141°C).

COMTEC 6000 StaubEx


COMTEC® 600E is a 19" extractive gas analyzer for wet or dry measurement of oxygen and COe. 



The COMTEC® 600K  is a fast and reliable saftey monitoring ATEX Zone 20 analyzer for InSitu O2 and COe measurement, in silos and other potentially explosive dust atomospheres.